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The VSC Facebook Page was founded on 15 February 2012. The Page was created to provide a forum where people with the same passion, being severe weather, could share their experiences and knowledge.

VSC’s sole purpose is to promote the thrill of chasing and provide a place where the community can come together and share their experiences. VSC understands the importance of educating the public to prevent injury and damage to property in the event of severe weather and informing the public of possible severe weather or disasters which have occurred. We do not supersede official news mediums. We are a medium by which people can source this information.

VSC is driven by a dedicated group of Volunteers. Interested in joining the team?


We often get asked how do I post my photo or video to your Page. It’s actually very easy to do. Just like posting a photo or video on your own profile.

You don’t need our permission to post a photo or video to our Page. Providing it’s weather related and it’s yours or you have permission.

As at March 2017 this is what the area of a Page on the Facebook app looks like where you share your photo or video.

Follow the prompts and post when ready.

Ho To Post On Our Facebook Page