When storms fire up we will try to stream them live via our Facebook Page so keep a look out for that!

If you follow the action in the US there’s a Facebook group known as Severe Weather USA who pass on weather warnings from the SPC (Storm Prediction Centre). Highly recommend becoming a member of this group if you’re a severe weather junkie.

Storm season fires up in the US between April and June.  Check out the links below and don’t miss out on the action!


Chasers in North America are always updating their streaming platforms, however, most are on Twitter and since being on Twitter for almost ten years I’ve seen few, if any, leave it. If you’re prepared to give Twitter a shot you’ll see plenty of action on there all year round including from us! Click here and you’ll be taken to our Twitter platform. Following are the most popular names in North America to check out. Most are active on both Twitter and Facebook.

Severe Studios and Live Storm Chasing are the most popular streaming websites in North America where they host multiple Chasers. See below for tips on what to look out for with these streaming websites.


There’s nothing worse than watching a stream then realising it’s not LIVE. There will always be areas where coverage is not available for the Chasers to stream. Both screen shots below are from the Severe Studios website.



The image above shows a Chaser streaming LIVE.  If you have this you’re in business!


Not Live

This means the Chaser’s stream isn’t LIVE and is ‘looping’.  If this happens simply press F5 (Apple key plus R) to refresh the stream.  There’s no guarantee the Chaser will still be streaming but at least you’ll know if it’s LIVE and you’re not wasting your time.

The same applies on Youtube.

I don’t make any profit from this website and I refuse to make money off Chasers’ hard work!  It’s purely for sharing and information purposes only.